Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the date is set!

after my appointment today (in which there was no change, just a one pound weight gain - yay!), i asked dr. e. about delivery options.

i came to the conclusion that if i go into active labor on my own (water breaks, dilated, contracting), and if both babies are head down, that i would attempt a vaginal birth. however, if i have had no progress by the cut-off time of 36-37 weeks, then i would opt for a scheduled c-section. i would much rather have a scheduled, coordinated, organized delivery than be induced with pitocin and run the risk of having to have an emergent c-section many hours later.

so, for now, we have a date set of october 27th, which is on a tuesday. i will be 36 weeks and 5 days. dr. e. is confident that i'm going to "go all the way" and not have anything happen early, although anything can change.

eek!!!!! four and a half weeks!!!!


  1. So exciting!! Hope this next month goes well for you!

  2. very exciting to have a date!!! can't wait to see pics of them!!!