Monday, June 29, 2009

19 week belly pic

i hate taking pics in scrubs.... i always look so frumpy.

How far along? 19 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: i've broke even! finally back up to 132... i hope it keeps going up!
Stretch marks? not yet, but starting to get itchy.
Sleep: ugh... miserable. rolling over is such a pain, and having to roll over the snoogle to get to the bathroom twice a night is a chore.
Best moment this week: getting more and more stranger comments on my belly.
Movement: apparently the babies like jewish music. i shot a jewish wedding last night, and the reception was very loud with a 7pc brass band playing classic jewish music, singing in hebrew, etc (picture my big fat greek wedding).... these two were dancing the horah along with the wedding guests. i got home at 113o last night, and they were still active at 1am, keeping me from falling asleep.
Food cravings: sausage biscuits and chocolate milk... there is a little mom-and-pop gas station across the street from work that serves breakfast every day... the owner's mother does all the cooking. so each morning i stop in for a sausage biscuit and a pint of kleinpeter chocolate milk. breakfast of champions!
Labor signs: tons of braxton-hicks, but nothing significant.
What I miss: i hate to say it, but wearing clothes that don't look like maternity clothes. i was so eager to start wearing them that now it's getting old. i see girls my age in cute little strapless dresses, heels, etc. and i get jealous.
What I’m looking forward to: getting the nursery cleaned out.... week 2 of whip-cracking has not made jeff budge yet. =(
Weekly wisdom: nothing new to add.
Milestones: not really a milestone, but jeff told me i was a pretty mommy last night. that's the first time he's used that word. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

19 weeks: mangoes!

these weeks are flying by! at least they are something a little more cute and appetizing this week. =)

and am i the only one that saw this and immediately thought of Chris Kattan on SNL wearing a beret? "You can't-a have-a de Mango!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

18 week belly pics

How far along? 18 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: – 1 pound.... the gap is closing!
Stretch marks? not yet, but starting to get itchy.
Sleep: the snoogle is back in my good graces. my hips and lower back have been bugging me, and it's so much easier to sleep with it now than without it.
Best moment this week: getting more and more stranger comments on my belly. =)
Movement: good lord - what a difference a week makes. i can kind of tell which way they are facing based on where i'm feeling thumps. if i feel them to the outsides of my belly, i know they are facing outward, away from each other. this past thursday night, it felt like a bag of microwave popcorn going off right underneath my belly button, so i'm assuming they were facing each other and dukin' it out.
Food cravings: jello!
What I miss: getting up off the couch and out of bed easily. it's still habit for me to just bend at the waist and get up, but now i have to roll to the side.
What I’m looking forward to: getting bedding and furniture. well, first i have to crack the whip and make Jeff move the stuff from the baby's room into the attic.
Weekly wisdom: it's not really wisdom to me, just a random fact i was told at my multiples class last week. according to the nurses teaching the class, the goal weight gain for a twin pregnancy at 20 weeks is 20 pounds. i seriously doubt i'm going to pack on 21 pounds in the next week and a half.
Milestones: Jeff is starting to get a little more touchy-feely with the belly now. earlier today he was sticking his finger in my belly button (something i've always hated) and he told me he was scratching them behind the ear. lovely, apparently now i'm having puppies.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

18 weeks..... halfway there!

this week they're sweet potatoes!

Your babies have become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And, babies are finally big enough that you'll be able to feel these movements soon.

(and i don't know about you, but i've never seen a hairy sweet potato before.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

my new project.... tiny blankies!

i love to crochet, but can't follow a pattern to save my life. all i can do is double crochet row after row after row after (monotonous) row and make squares... or rectangles.... that i call blankets and scarves. =)

anyways, right before i found out i was pregnant, michael's had 50% off of all their yarns, so i picked out four different types to make little baby blankets. these are two of the finished products! they're just big enough to swaddle a newborn, and will probably be outgrown quickly, but they are so soft and cuddly.

i'm thinking of scaling these down and in my down time starting on a few teeny preemie sized blankets to donate to our local l&d hospital here in town. when my niece was in the nicu, the nurses covered her with a little knitted blanket that my sister was able to take home. i thought it was such a sweet gesture, and they are so easy to make, it would be a nice gesture to provide these to parents of nicu babies. =)

17 week belly pic.... i am getting brave.

yes, i am actually going to post a pic of my pasty white swollen belly - but i'll include a nice modest clothed one too. ignore the wonky color difference (cameraphone):

i can't believe all that belly is hiding under this shirt.

How far along? 17 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: – 2 pounds
Maternity clothes? i'm modeling one of my new outfits above.
Stretch marks? not yet.
Sleep: the middle of the night peeing is at its peak (i hope), so pretty restless.
Best moment this week: getting my peapod necklace! mine has two peas.

Movement: a few little nudges each day, mostly from 2pm until dinnertime.
Food cravings: strawberry crepes, again.
Gender: we finally know! Sadie June & Jeffry Ryan.
What I miss: being able to wear a tee shirt and keep it from riding up in the front.
What I’m looking forward to: shopping for boy/girl stuff
Weekly wisdom: nothing new to add.
Milestones: actually feeling more frequent pokes instead of rolls.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

help! (vote!)

i am torn between two sets of crib bedding, and need your vote! please let me know which one you like better. (keep in mind - white furniture)

the first set is my favorite from babies-r-us: CoCaLo Emory & Ellie. the second set is my favorite from target: Dwell Studio Birds & Elephants.

long day.... but productive

i have survived my first trip into babies-r-us hell. i went and registered the twinks today at both target and babies-r-us, and it thoroughly exhausted me.

baby registering is not the same as wedding registering, especially when you've got twins to register for. with wedding registry, you get the cool little scan gun, and can basically just walk around and scan whatever you like. not so much with babies - because i am an impartial mommy-to-be, i was constantly backtracking.... did i scan both boy and girl towels? pacifiers? onesies? i had to make sure both jeffry and sadie were equally represented. =)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

17 weeks: onions (ick) must be running out of fruits. not to mention that i don't eat onions *at all* - my dad and jeff both have to lie to me when they cook because if i know they are in there, i won't eat. =)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

better late than never - 16 week belly pic

How far along? 16 weeks, 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: – 2 pounds
Maternity clothes? i got *tons* of new mimi/a pea in the pod maternity clothes from mom for my birthday, so my wardrobe is set. thank you mommy!
Stretch marks? not yet.
Sleep: the snoogle has been chunked to the floor and i'm back to my regular old pillow... snoogles are good for lounging around with, but i can't sleep with the damn thing tangling me up anymore. it's not made for shorties.
Best moment this week: finding out we are having a son and a daughter. wow.
Movement: lots of rolls (i swear, they knew they were going to be on camera yesterday.)
Food cravings: fried pickles and orange gatorade.
Gender: we finally know! Sadie June & Jeffry Ryan.
What I miss: the infrequent peeing.... it's back to every few hours now.
What I’m looking forward to: registering this weekend!
Weekly wisdom: "throw your expectations out the window. then you won't have to worry about when the 'unexpected' happens." - dr. h (whom i work for)
Milestones: finding out the gender. i didn't cry when i first saw those two lines on the test.... didn't cry when i saw those two cute little sacs on ultrasound.... didn't cry when i saw those two little flickering heartbeats..... but bawled like a baby when the tech said, "you have a son and a daughter."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

drumroll please.....

it's one of each! leftie is a boy and rightie is a girl!

baby a (rightie): the tech commented that these were some of the best shots she's gotten of a twin - she's very photogenic because she turned towards us for the 4D shot and puckered her lips.

baby b (leftie): he was a little more uncooperative at first - sitting indian style and wouldn't give us "the shot." he moved around a little and we were then able to tell - but he quit moving for the 4D shot, so all we have of him is a nice butt pic.

Monday, June 8, 2009

furniture - check!

it's not bought yet, but i found a nursery set that i love - it's by Carter's casual collection, and it is so pretty and simple. i love that it has a solid wood back that looks similar to old-fashioned wainscoting.... doesn't look like a baby prison with rails on all 4 sides. the changing table is one of the few i've found that actually has drawers and not just shelves. so no organization baskets for kiddos to dig in. =)

Friday, June 5, 2009

om nom nom nom

that's the sound of me devouring my unexpected afternoon snack.

i'm sitting in my office, playing around on the internet because i have nothing to do, blaring NKOTB on my ipod, bored as hell...... when a drug rep walks in with the most delicious thing i have ever seen in weeks.

fresh strawberry cake from ambrosia bakery.

so i've licked all the whipped cream off the outside of the cake, and now i'm picking apart the layers one by one. thank you, mr. anonymous drug rep man, for making this pregnant chick's day.

and, yes, that blob to the left is the excess whipped cream that i snagged off the knife.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

16 weeks: avocados!

is this really a fruit? i think not.

i was starting to wonder if both of the babes were actually the size of these "fruit of the week" posts, but after last night, i have no doubt that they are in fact that big.

i had a *horrible* night sleeping last night - rolling over constantly, couldn't get comfortable, kicked the snoogle down to the foot of the bed..... then i half-consciously rolled completely flat on my stomach.... wrong thing to do.

oh my god, the pain - i felt like someone was stabbing me in the left side, and burning/stretching pain went down into my left leg. owowowowow! i'm still feeling the remnants of it this morning, so i have on my heavy-duty maternity belt - you know, the ones that make you look like you're a lumber hauler at Home Depot. except i'm wearing it under scrubs. i don't care how ugly it is, it's working. =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new poll! --------->

look to the right and vote on what we're having!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

7 days and counting!

keep your fingers crossed for wide open legs! =)

my first maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) appointment is next tuesday at 9am, and we *should* be able to find out what we're having, if they're cooperative.

we can't wait to find out - so much is on hold until we know. it would be different, i think, if we were only having one.... easy to pick out two potential bedding sets / carseats / clothes / etc.... but with three different prospective combinations, it gets a little overwhelming.

on a good note - we've settled on a boy/girl combo name: Jeffry Ryan Paxton (after dad) and Sadie June. girl/girl and boy/boy combos are still up in the air.

Monday, June 1, 2009

15 week belly pic

How far along? 15 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: – 2 pounds
Maternity clothes? still in 'em. ready to get out of 'em.
Stretch marks? not yet.
Sleep: much better, now that i have my snoogle pillow.
Best moment this week: going on a mini-vacation - fishing!
Movement: still feeling rolly stuff, but no definite kicks.
Food cravings: still watermelon.
Gender: i honestly have no “intuition” on this one anymore. who knows.
What I miss: being able to bend over at the waist to pick up things.
What I’m looking forward to: finding out what we're having on june 9th. woo hoo!
Weekly wisdom: nothing new to input.
Milestones: nothing new here either.