Friday, June 5, 2009

om nom nom nom

that's the sound of me devouring my unexpected afternoon snack.

i'm sitting in my office, playing around on the internet because i have nothing to do, blaring NKOTB on my ipod, bored as hell...... when a drug rep walks in with the most delicious thing i have ever seen in weeks.

fresh strawberry cake from ambrosia bakery.

so i've licked all the whipped cream off the outside of the cake, and now i'm picking apart the layers one by one. thank you, mr. anonymous drug rep man, for making this pregnant chick's day.

and, yes, that blob to the left is the excess whipped cream that i snagged off the knife.


  1. I am now 99% sure that due to this blog post, I will be paying Ambrosia a visit tomorrow. They should hire you for marketing.

  2. Ooooh those are so good! Also, if you haven't tried the Berry Chantilly cake from Whole Foods, you must do so ASAP! I think they sell them by the slice if you don't want to commit to a whole cake. It will change your life, guaranteed!

  3. i LOVE ambrosia's strawberry cake!!:):)

  4. Yum! I frickin love Ambrosia's!