Thursday, June 4, 2009

16 weeks: avocados!

is this really a fruit? i think not.

i was starting to wonder if both of the babes were actually the size of these "fruit of the week" posts, but after last night, i have no doubt that they are in fact that big.

i had a *horrible* night sleeping last night - rolling over constantly, couldn't get comfortable, kicked the snoogle down to the foot of the bed..... then i half-consciously rolled completely flat on my stomach.... wrong thing to do.

oh my god, the pain - i felt like someone was stabbing me in the left side, and burning/stretching pain went down into my left leg. owowowowow! i'm still feeling the remnants of it this morning, so i have on my heavy-duty maternity belt - you know, the ones that make you look like you're a lumber hauler at Home Depot. except i'm wearing it under scrubs. i don't care how ugly it is, it's working. =)

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