Sunday, June 21, 2009

18 week belly pics

How far along? 18 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: – 1 pound.... the gap is closing!
Stretch marks? not yet, but starting to get itchy.
Sleep: the snoogle is back in my good graces. my hips and lower back have been bugging me, and it's so much easier to sleep with it now than without it.
Best moment this week: getting more and more stranger comments on my belly. =)
Movement: good lord - what a difference a week makes. i can kind of tell which way they are facing based on where i'm feeling thumps. if i feel them to the outsides of my belly, i know they are facing outward, away from each other. this past thursday night, it felt like a bag of microwave popcorn going off right underneath my belly button, so i'm assuming they were facing each other and dukin' it out.
Food cravings: jello!
What I miss: getting up off the couch and out of bed easily. it's still habit for me to just bend at the waist and get up, but now i have to roll to the side.
What I’m looking forward to: getting bedding and furniture. well, first i have to crack the whip and make Jeff move the stuff from the baby's room into the attic.
Weekly wisdom: it's not really wisdom to me, just a random fact i was told at my multiples class last week. according to the nurses teaching the class, the goal weight gain for a twin pregnancy at 20 weeks is 20 pounds. i seriously doubt i'm going to pack on 21 pounds in the next week and a half.
Milestones: Jeff is starting to get a little more touchy-feely with the belly now. earlier today he was sticking his finger in my belly button (something i've always hated) and he told me he was scratching them behind the ear. lovely, apparently now i'm having puppies.


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  2. i accidentally deleted my comment! argh... LOL. Well, i'd just said that your last comment cracked me up!!! & also that i totally understand about having to crack the whip. i had to do that with brad before we married to have room for my stuff. And today we were talking about if i happened to get prego (not that we're trying yet!) & i was informing him that we'd have to sell everything in the extra room so we could have the baby room. (we don't have an attic-we're in a trailer). And he was like "well i mean...the baby wouldn't really need her own room all by herself for a few years or something." i'm like "uh what?! um no. baby will not be sharing with an office & gym!" LOL. Silly boy.

  3. HAHA the puppy comment! So funny. I cannot stand anyone touching my belly button.

  4. Hey Amanda! The blog is looking great, I love reading about the progress of being pregnant with twins! I've nominated you for a blogger award, see my cooking blog for more details!