Monday, June 29, 2009

19 week belly pic

i hate taking pics in scrubs.... i always look so frumpy.

How far along? 19 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: i've broke even! finally back up to 132... i hope it keeps going up!
Stretch marks? not yet, but starting to get itchy.
Sleep: ugh... miserable. rolling over is such a pain, and having to roll over the snoogle to get to the bathroom twice a night is a chore.
Best moment this week: getting more and more stranger comments on my belly.
Movement: apparently the babies like jewish music. i shot a jewish wedding last night, and the reception was very loud with a 7pc brass band playing classic jewish music, singing in hebrew, etc (picture my big fat greek wedding).... these two were dancing the horah along with the wedding guests. i got home at 113o last night, and they were still active at 1am, keeping me from falling asleep.
Food cravings: sausage biscuits and chocolate milk... there is a little mom-and-pop gas station across the street from work that serves breakfast every day... the owner's mother does all the cooking. so each morning i stop in for a sausage biscuit and a pint of kleinpeter chocolate milk. breakfast of champions!
Labor signs: tons of braxton-hicks, but nothing significant.
What I miss: i hate to say it, but wearing clothes that don't look like maternity clothes. i was so eager to start wearing them that now it's getting old. i see girls my age in cute little strapless dresses, heels, etc. and i get jealous.
What I’m looking forward to: getting the nursery cleaned out.... week 2 of whip-cracking has not made jeff budge yet. =(
Weekly wisdom: nothing new to add.
Milestones: not really a milestone, but jeff told me i was a pretty mommy last night. that's the first time he's used that word. =)


  1. Are you seriously almost halfway there?? Unbelievable. And I love your milestone :-)

  2. amanda,
    I need to stop reading your blog, I now have to have a sausage biscuit and chocolate milk!! and I cannot leave work to get one.

  3. I thought that would post as my name, lol...
    it's me, andria fontenot

  4. haha - i figured that was you!

    kleinpeter chocolate milk is my weakness.