Monday, August 10, 2009

25 week belly pic

no nekkid belly pic right now, since i have on my oh-so-fashionable maternity belt.... it looks like something you'd see a pot-bellied Home Depot employee wearing. but Melissa took my maternity pics this weekend, so there will be plenty of belly flaunting shortly. =)

How far along? 25 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: + 1/2 pound

Stretch marks? i don't think there's any yet, but i'm sure they are on their way.Sleep: ugh, horrible.

Best moment this week: putting furniture together last night - we had to do a ton of pushing/pulling/shoving everything around to where it somewhat fits into the nursery, but we finally found an arrangement that works. this whole second crib thing is throwing us off all over again. =)

Movement: ever-present.

Food cravings: watermelon.

Labor signs: more of the every day same-ol' stuff.

Belly Button: still an innie, but it's definitely getting shallow, and the top part is starting to stick out. ew.

What I miss: margaritas. and being totally heartburn-free.

What I’m looking forward to: my shower on the 30th.

Weekly Wisdom: do not google "diastasis recti".... no, it has nothing to do with your butt, like it sounds.... but i've noticed that my abdominal muscles literally come to a point now in the center of my stomach when i am trying to get up from lying down. another twin mom i know has this, and says it's pretty commn with big bellies. basically, it's when your two most center abdominal muscles separate because of the stretching, and allows some of your abdominal organs to protrude through the opening.... kind of like a giant hernia. apparently the only way to fix it is to have them surgically brought back together, so i'm adding it to the list of post-babies plastic surgery (along with a tummy tuck and breast lift).

Milestones: i took my maternity pics this weekend and will be posting them as soon as I get them, I promise!


  1. so exciting!!! i have a friend who had twin girls & they only had one crib for the longest time. i babysat when they were HUGE CHUBBY 1 year olds & they still slept in their crib together. :) BUT eventually they got two toddler beds when they were done w/ cribs!

  2. You're looking great! I can't wait to see the nursery when its all put together! What bedding did you end up going with?

  3. You are seriously too cute for damn words woman!