Sunday, August 30, 2009

these babies are so loved. =)

my shower was today, and i must admit, i am completely overwhelmed at the love and generosity that everyone has shown my two babes. we had about 30 people in attendance (including one surprise guest - you know who you are!), and had a great time socializing, eating, and celebrating jeffry and sadie's impending arrival. =)

my awesome cake from fairy dust cakes:

my awesome hostesses (and a pouty niece):

and here's the unpacked stuff.... i apologize for the cameraphone pics but i am so exhausted i didn't feel like hauling my 40D in to use it....

to everyone who attended, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!!!!


  1. i love your dress! & that is the cutest cake!! glad you had a great time & got some good stuff :)

  2. Adorable cake, adorable YOU! Boy, you really racked up! No doubt that those babies are loved. =)