Thursday, October 8, 2009

another update - things change!

yesterday's appointments went pretty good, with a few minor changes. =)

i had my OB appt. first - my cervix hasn't changed at all, so my OB seems to think I'll make it through till the end without actually going into active labor. he went ahead and scheduled me for a section on 10/28, and said he wanted to see me back in one week.

fast forward to my MFM appt. - totally different story! the babies looked great on the ultrasound - both were moving, doing their practice breathing, and the tech even said that sadie has a head full of hair. the blood flow through their umbilical cords were both great. sadie weighed in at 3 lbs, 15 oz, and jeffry weighed in at 3 lbs, 8 oz.

dr. s. came in the ultrasound room after the tech left, and started to do his scans. i knew something was up when he was silent the whole time - he's usually very chit-chatty and explaining as he goes ("here's both heads, spinal cords, heartbeats, etc.), but this time, he kept flipping the screen back to the measurements and calculations.

he said that the babies looked good, they just aren't growing as much as they should at this point. he said i have what's called intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), which means that since i'm having twins, and both placentas are having to share my one uterus, they may not be providing the babies with everything they need to grow. they are getting plenty of blood flow and oxygen, but just aren't packing on the pounds like they are supposed to be doing at this point.

dr. s.'s recommendation to my OB is to deliver them a week earlier, which would be the week of 10/21. he said at this point there isn't much concern from a respiratory / breathing standpoint, but they just may grow better outside than inside this late in the game. i am going back to dr. s. next week to check weights and fluid levels again.

so, instead of the three weeks i thought i had left, we're now down to two! we're praying that these two are able to hit the four pound mark before delivery.... sadie should have no problem getting there, since she's only an ounce away, but jeffry has a half a pound to go before he gets there. we're getting all the last-minute stuff in place, and are so ready to meet these two!


  1. Oh wow, it's getting close! I'm sure you're so ready to meet them :-)

  2. 2 weeks! crazy!!! :) Congrats early! i hope someone updates your blog when they're born! or at least your facebook! HAHA!