Thursday, May 21, 2009

04.30.09 first OB appointment - check

had my first appointment with dr. e yesterday, and everything looks good.

- i’m still worried about my weight, which is down to 127 today (i was 132 on iui day), but they don’t seem to worried about it. i guess that’s my clue not to worry about it, either.

- dr. e was able to pick up both heartbeats on the doppler, much higher up than i thought they would be – right underneath my belly button. i did preregistration for the hospital and had my initial bloodwork done.

- dr. e told me that there’s basically a 2/3 chance that i will have to have a c-section. the only scenario he will allow a vag attempt is if both babies are head down. if one is head down/one is breech, or both are breech, then it’s off to the operating room.

- he also said that he will allow me to go to 37 weeks before induction or sectioning, so we’re looking at a new date of October 29th.

- i have an appointment set up with maternal fetal medicine (mfm), or the perinatologist, on june 9th. i don’t know how often i will have to see him yet – hopefully not much. since i’ll be 16 1/2 weeks at that appointment, we can probably find out what the babies are!

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