Thursday, May 21, 2009

05.19.09 i only *thought* i had popped before.....

helllooooo, belly! nice to meet ya.... again.

How far along? 13 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: still – 3 pounds
Maternity clothes? starting to buy size mediums now. i’ve found i’m most comfortable in cheap little old navy sundresses, like the one i have on in the pic.
Stretch marks? not yet – thank you jesus – although i am sure they are to come.
Sleep: the middle of the night peeing has started again. =(
Best moment this week: being able to consistently find both heartbeats in the same spot. leftie seems to be up high, and righty likes to sit down low.
Movement: i’m feeling some sloshy/rolling movement, but it could just be my underactive bowels starting to churn again.
Food cravings: watermelon.
Gender: i honestly have no “intuition” on this one anymore. who knows.
What I miss: climbing up on stuff… kitchen counters, chairs, etc. now jeff makes me come get him when i can’t reach something.
What I’m looking forward to: registering, once we finally find out what these two are. i feel like we’re on hold until we’re able to know the sexes, but once we do, everything will kick into high gear.
Weekly wisdom: jeff insists that i need to buy a bottle of vitamin E oil and slather it on my stomach every night. i went to the store and bought palmer’s stretch mark cream (with vitamin E and cocoa butter) but he swears it’s not enough. um, i’d rather use this and smell like a tanning bed than have a greasy belly.
Milestones: getting my first stranger asking “when are you due?” at work today.

***** p.s. please send some “go into labor soon” thoughts to my best friend d! she is due on thursday. =) *****

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