Sunday, July 5, 2009

20 week belly pics

i apologize for the loungewear, but we slept in until 1130 today and i haven't even changed out of my nightclothes yet. =)

and this pic is for all the people who have been giving me comments like, "you don't look like you're carrying two!" or "you hardly look pregnant at all!"

this is what's hiding underneath.

(and, yes, the shirt i'm wearing has a pic of a bomb on it and says "i'm fixin' to blow up". i found it at storyville - they have a booth at the farmer's market - and i couldn't pass it up!)

How far along? 20 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: i've broke even! finally back up to 132... i hope it keeps going up!
Stretch marks? not yet, but starting to get itchy. i'm sure they are on their way.
Sleep: still miserable.
Best moment this week: when a little girl at the pool asked me if i had a baby in my tummy, i said, "i do... i have two babies in my tummy" she looked at me for a minute and said, "nuh-uh. you can only have one baby in your tummy". her mom was a few feet away from her and laughed - she said "i guess i need to elaborate on the baby talk now!"
Movement: tons of it! i feel little taps nonstop way down low (which i am assuming are little feet), and up high above my belly button is where all the thuds and thumps happen.
Food cravings: not much this week, since i had a brief relapse of nighttime sickness. but watermelon has been awesome this week.
Labor signs: tons of braxton-hicks.... mostly in the evenings. happens about every 12-15 minutes, but they don't last very long (maybe 20-30 seconds at the longest). i had a few wake me up in the middle of the night last night, so i'm mentioning it to my MFM dr. at my appt. on tuesday.
What I miss: being able to stretch. if i stretch my legs out, i get calf cramps. if i stretch my back, i get that horrible round ligament pain in both sides of my abdomen. time for a massage, methinks.
What I’m looking forward to: seeing the babies on ultrasound again this week.
Milestones: not much new to add.... although i did go outlet shopping this weekend and cleaned out the Carter's store on preemie items.

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  1. Wow girl! Those babies are really growing! (That's a DUH!)

    I went shopping at Carter's on Black Friday last year for a friend's shower (everything was 50% off!)...that store gave me a slight baby fever. All that stuff is so cute! I had to knock myself back into reality and remember that I'm not quite ready to be a mommy yet! :)