Sunday, July 19, 2009

:: sigh :: weekend bedrest.

after another trip to the hospital at 2am on friday, i am on bedrest until i see my OB tuesday morning.

i wasn't dehydrated like last time, just woke out of a dead sleep with intense contractions/abdominal pain... we're talking can't stand up straight, short of breath, blood pressure through the roof pain. i get to the hospital, get hooked up to the monitor, and was having longer contractions this time (60-70 seconds each) with only a minute between them. and i was tortured with a catheter for a urine culture. =(

so, after two liters of fluid in the assessment center, and two more Brethine shots, i was sent up to the floor for monitoring. i was comfortable until about 1pm, when (like clockwork) the contractions started up again like they do each day. i got hooked back up to the monitor and was having mild contractions again, but the on-call doctor who saw me that morning said that as long as my cervix isn't changing, then there isn't much they will do to stop the contractions.


i was pretty much told that this is going to be my new baseline normal - contracting every day. i was supposed to stay all weekend long in the hospital, but my nurse logic kicked in..... what's the point of staying if they aren't going to treat anything? so i asked to go home late friday night, and my wish was granted.

i guess this is something i better get used to.

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